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Valgroup Wrapping Machines

Valgroup wrapping machines are the ideal solution for companies that want to increase the efficiency of their palletizing processes and guarantee the safety of their products during transportation.

Using all the know-how in the production of films and their correct application, Valgroup has developed equipment with specific technologies for the efficient use of stretch film.

We also have the largest Laboratory for transport simulation in the Americas. Our mission is to optimize palletization processes, reduce waste and guarantee safety of the merchandise during transportation, promoting more sustainability to the business.

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Cargo Security

With the development of customized applications to our packaging, we guarantee higher levels of security in product transportation.


Better performance, providing greater productivity and product safety in the logistics chain, while reducing packaging waste.


Efficient packaging consumption, allied to a portfolio of sustainable solutions, which promotes carbon footprint reduction in the production chain.

FORZA - Valgroup's exclusive technology

The innovative Forza functionality allows a strategic application of film in different positions on the pallet to be wrapped. This unique feature makes it possible to control application parameters such as pre-stretch, tensioning and number of turns, according to the criticality of each load area, ensuring the highest stability and lowest film consumption.

Semi-automatic packaging machines

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HP88 Machine

Taking advantage of all the know-how in stretch film production and application, Valgroup has developed the HP88 line, composed of equipment with specific technologies for the efficient use of stretch film.

  • Available in 500mm and 750mm wide versions
  • Available in a Stainless Steel version
  • Productivity of up to 40 pallets/hour*.
  • *Depending on load height and selected wrapping pattern.

Equipped with a stretching system by mechanical brake and a user-friendly HMI panel, the HP88 Basic is recommended for those seeking to replace the manual film application with a simple and standardized application.

Versatile and efficient in stretch film application, the Plus model offers a mechanical pre stretching system of up to 250% and a series of features that enable an optimized wrapping process. Through its touchscreen HMI, the operator can select application recipes and configure them in the most appropriate way for the type of load to be wrapped.

It has the innovative and exclusive feature:

Synonym of high quality and efficiency in palletizing, the HP88 Optima is the best solution in semi-automatic wrapping machines. Its electronic pre-stretching system of up to 350% and its Forza 2.0 feature deliver the best levels of load security, film consumption and productivity in the market.

Allows strategic application of film to different positions on the pallet to be wrapped. This unique feature enables the control of application parameters such as pre-stretch, tensioning, and number of turns, according to the criticality of each part of the load, ensuring the highest stability and lowest film consumption.

HP88 Pro Machine

Following the principles of safety and efficiency in pallet wrapping, Valgroup has developed the HP88 Pro, a semi-automatic wrapping machine with film clamping and cutting system. This feature provides the automation of the film cutting at the end of the wrapping process and its attachment to the load at the beginning of the next cycle, increasing the productivity of the line and the film application quality.

The HP88 Pro wrapping machine can be purchased in the following versions:

  • With mechanical (SPM) or electronic (SPE) pre-stretching system
  • With 500mm and 750mm heads
  • With remote control or timed activation on the panel

HPB Machine

The semi-automatic wrapping machine HPB has been developed by Valgroup for the wrapping of rolls and reels of various materials* with stretch film.

Its rotary system enables a uniform application of the film over the entire load area and facilitates removal from the platform by a tilting device.

*Consult the specifications of the loads accepted by the equipment.

NR12 Compliance

All Valgroup machines have the NR12 certification option and are composed of a set of protection grids, light barriers and safety relays, ensuring a safe operation of the equipment.

Automatic packaging machines

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HP92 Machine

Ideal solution for low and medium throughputs, the HP92 Wrapper is equipped with pallet conveyors and a film clamping and cutting system that has emerged to assist in the automation of the wrapping process.

With the best film application capabilities, optimized production capacity and long-lasting components, the HP92 delivers safety and efficiency with low cost of implementation.

  • Productivity of up to 50 pallets/hour*.
  • Forza 2.0 feature included in programming
  • With mechanical (SPM) or electronic (SPE) pre-stretch system
  • With 500mm or 750mm head

*Depending on load height and selected wrapping pattern.

HP300 Machine

The HP300 is the perfect wrapper for high-productivity lines. Equipped with a robust structure, this machine features high performance, quality and speed.

All the most advanced film application features make up its functionality, delivering reliability and high volume production:

  • Productivity of up to 60 pallets/hour*
  • Electronic Pre-Stretching System (PES) and Forza 2.0 feature included in the programming

*Depending on load height and selected wrapping pattern.

Technical Support

We offer personalized service to our customers through a specialized technical assistance team present in all regions of the country. On-site assistance within 72 hours and remote support whenever needed.
Training of the operation and maintenance team for the proper use of the machines and film application, avoiding errors in the process and excessive spending of film.
Do you have a Valgroup machine? Request documentation for your equipment.
Do you need to renew your wraparounds? Regardless of the make or model, we offer customized projects for any need.
Our production is 100% domestic. We have a large stock of spare parts to serve you with agility and assertiveness.


To purchase your wrapping machine with the best cost-benefit ratio in Brazil, simply send us your request or contact us to know our customized commercial conditions.


In order to enhance the operations of our customers, delivering a complete solution in safety, efficiency and sustainability, we also work with the regimen of the technology of our machines with the quality of our stretch film.

If you are looking for a machine, want to increase the efficiency of your operation and do not want to invest right at this moment, this is the best option


We also lease machines with customized contracts with duration according to your needs (minimum of three months). Has your contract come to an end? Just request an extension for as long as necessary, everything is easy and with minimal bureaucracy.

As with commodities, our rental system aims to meet any needs our customers may have, ensuring access to our technical assistance team to provide support needed for the operation.

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